Smart cities

The concept of a smart city for the future built on Czech nano products and technologies that are already commercially available to the general public.


Technologies for developing countries

Smart cities for developing countries

The project includes a proposal of Czech nanotechnologies tailored to the needs of the priority countries within the development cooperation.


The primary concern for Moldova is the quality of water.

Technologies for Moldova

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Water and its contamination are a big problem for the country.

Technologies for Bosnia


Access to drinking water and sanitation are the main problems.

Technologies for Cambodia


Georgia needs help with sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

Technologies for Georgia


The environment is still the main topic for Zambia.

Technologies for Zambia


Water and natural resources – the main topic.

Technologies for Ethiopia

Most promising Czech nanotechnologies explained in 20 minutes.

Webinar about the project

Available only in Czech.


The overview of technologies and products on this website is also available for free download as a PDF document in two languages. Follow the links below to download the latest version of December 2020. New technologies are regularly added as they are launched on the Czech market.

Air purification

Air filtration is the primary prerequisite for a healthy city.

Self-cleaning paint coats

Photocatalytic paint coats purifying air and eliminating bacteria and viruses.

Air cleaners

Photocatalytic air cleaners eliminate organic impurities, including viruses and bacteria.

Window filters

Nanomembrane for windows and doors filtering viruses and bacteria from air.

HEPA filters

Nanofiber HEPA filters for higher efficiency of indoor air purification.

Water purification and filtration

Advanced, industry level water filtration.


Nanofiber membranes for industrial water filtration.

Swimming pool filters

Swimming pool filters with a nanofiber filtering cartridge.

Home water filtration device

Device for capturing microplastics and other inorganic impurities.

Energy storage and saving

Safe energy storage was a tough nut to crack until recently. And the same goes for reduction of the required quantity of light sources.


Micro- and nanostructure optics used in production of parts for light sources and sensors.

Nano accumulators

Accumulators for safe storage of large quantities of energy.

Home and office

Indoor spaces without allergens and without need for daily cleaning. 

Nano bedding

Anti-dust mite bedding with a nanomembrane.

Home protective treatment

Agents protecting surfaces in your home.

Surface protection

Hydrofobní a antibakteriální ochrana povrchů.

Vehicle treatment

Přípravky pro mytí a ochranu povrchů automobilů.

Industry and waste management

Průmyslové filtry

Filters with a nanomembrane for production of oil, spirits, and drinks.

Consumption and emissions

Nano additives for liquid and solid fuels reduce consumption and emissions produced by diesel engines.
emise dieselových motorů.


Nano additives for liquid and solid fuels reduce consumption and emissions produced by diesel engines.

Safety and protection of people

Nanofiber face masks and respirators are highly effective in capturing viruses and bacteria of 80 to 200 nm in size. velmi účinné při záchytu virů a bakterií o velikosti 80 až 200 nm.

Protective face masks with nano filters.

Protective respirators with nano filters.

Nano filters

Nano filters for face masks specifically developed against coronaviruses.

Nano respirators

Protective respirators with nano filters.

Nano masks

Protective half masks with nano filters.

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