Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

The Association was founded on 27 November 2014. We bring together Czech companies from different fields of business from textile industry and biotechnology through environmental applications and optics to power generation, focusing on nanotechnology as their principal subject of enterprise.

Our mission

We associate Czech nanotechnology companies to jointly develop and promote the nanotechnology domain in the Czech Republic.

The education project Czech Is Nano organised by the Association includes Nano Days held in the Czech Republic and abroad with the aim to present and promote new Czech nanotechnologies. 

38 members

We have 38 members – small and medium-sized nanotechnology businesses – and we keep growing.

Nano Days

We organise Nano Days where the members of the Association present their technologies to the general public.

Cooperation within the Association

We help one another in research, development, and sales of technologies as well as end products.

Database of Czech nano products

We maintain and update an on-line database of products offered by our members.

Hallmark of quality

All members have all of their technologies duly tested and certified.

Czech nano supermen

Interviews with Czech nanotechnology leaders, scientists, and innovators.

Members of the Association


The most common questions.

What is nano?

Nano- is a unit prefix analogous to milli-, deci- or micro-. All materials produced in the range of 1 nanometer to 999 nanometers can be described as nanomaterials. 1 nm is equal to 10-9 meters. Všechny materiály, které se produkují v rozměru 1 nanometr až 999 nanometrů jsou nanomateriály. 1nm je 10-9 metru.

Do all of the members come from the Czech Republic?

Yes, in order to join the Association, applicants need to have their registered office in the Czech Republic.

How can I contact you?

Please send us an e-mail at Thank you for your enquiries! Děkujeme za zájem!

Do you offer internships?

Unfortunately, we do not have any open internship positions at the moment. However, if you want to work in the nanotechnology domain as an intern, please let us know and we will ask the members.

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