About us

Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association was founded on November 27, 2014. It brings together Czech companies from various industries, from the textile industry to biotechnology, environmental applications, optics, to energy, which have nanotechnology as their key business.

Some of the members of the Association implement nanotechnologies in their production processes, while others focus on development and production of nano products, or applications thereof.

Our objectives

CNIA aims to represent the interests of Czech nanotechnology companies and research on national and international level in the business sector as well as in the field of research and education.

The Association builds on the high international reputation of the Czech Republic in the nano domain and strives to spread positive awareness of nanotechnologies among the general public. See, for example, an article about the future of Czech nanotechnologies on Czechcrunch.

CNIA also actively seeks support and opportunities for cooperation between business and research entities.

Strategic partnerships

The Association is a partner of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, ministries, and other government organisations in the development of the economic strategy of the Czech Republic.

It also takes an active part in economic diplomacy projects, aiming to represent Czech nanotechnology companies abroad.

The objective is to build the image of the Czech Republic as one of the world’s leading nanotechnology incubators, a country that is at the spearhead of industrial application of nanotechnologies as well as availability of consumer products. Successful events have already taken place in the USA, Israel, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, and Austria.

Executive Board

Managing all of the activities of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

The primary responsibilities of the Executive Board include assessment of applications for membership, financial management of CNIA, and preparation of Nano Days and international missions. 

Supervisory Board

Supervising the activities of the Executive Board

Members of the Supervisory Board are authorised to review all documents and records concerning the operations of the Association; they also verify whether the accounting records are duly kept and whether the activities and operations are compliant with the applicable legal regulations and the Articles.

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