Nanotechnologies for water purification

Access to high-quality drinking water and water management are a big topic worldwide. Therefore, water purification is a priority for Czech nanotechnology companies and a range of technologies is commercially available already.


Eco-agent for cleaning water in swimming pools and garden ponds, reducing the consumption of pool cleaning chemicals

The FN® AQUA suspension ®with a patented formula contains mineral additives and a large quantity of photoactive titanium dioxide (TiO2) which is chemically identical to a food colouring – titanium white, a substance used extensively in food industry and cosmetics.


Filter with a nanofiber cartridge for private pools up to 90 m3 ensuring high-quality filtration

While the filtration efficiency of the most common sand filters starts at 20 microns, the nanofiber cartridge is capable of capturing particles of 5-8 microns in diameter. There is no need to remove the nanofiber filter from the device for cleaning. An automatic system recognises that the filter is clogged and cleans the cartridge.

Clutex Filter

Home water filtration device capturing microplastics and other inorganic impurities

The massive production of plastic products has caused virtually all of the sources of drinking water as well as bottled water to be contaminated with plastic microparticles. In addition to microplastics, the Clutex Filter also captures rust, scale and other inorganic impurities released by water pipes. The filtration efficiency of the Clutex Filter is 96.95% with water containing 0.1% of polymer particles of 2.5 – 132.8 µm. ®N15 se záchytem částic od 5 µm.


The medium pressure UV-M system is the only UV technology that disinfects pool water in a gentle and safe way properly

Medium-pressure UV lamps eliminate bound chlorine in swimming pools, causing typical pool odors and a host of health problems. They save fresh water and their use is suitable for babies and asthmatics.

LifeOX® (AOP)

The most effective and compact system for reducing harmful substances in pool water

LifeOX®-M water treatment technology uses medium-pressure UV-M systems and OH radicals, whose oxidation potential and rate of oxidation far surpass ozone. The AOP process (Advanced Oxidation Process) breaks down dangerous monochloramine, dichloramine, and trichloramine while oxidizing organic substances (sweat, urine) in pool water.

Nanotechnology for Smart Cities

This article is a part of the project Nanotechnology for Smart Cities as a Tool for Sustainable Development supported within international development cooperation of the Czech Republic.

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