Energy storage and saving

Safe storage of large energy volumes, managed consumption, and maximum energy savings while maintaining the existing level of comfort represent a challenge for every city. Czech nanotechnology companies offer several solutions ready for immediate implementation.


Micro- and nanostructured optics for conventional light sources and sensors

Micro- and nanostructured optics allows for production of light sources and sensors with extended abilities in directing the light cone, thus significantly improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of energy.


Lithium-ion accumulators with thick electrodes made of nanomaterial with a specific structure

Instead of regular electrodes applied on a foil in a thin layer of several micrometres, the HE3DA technology uses significantly thicker electrodes of up to several millimetres. The ability of cooling the inner space of the cell by electrolyte as well as its regeneration capability increase the life span of the cell while allowing for a more compact size of the battery modules. 

The capacity of the battery system exceeds 500 Wh/litre. You can get 15 times higher maximum performance compared to the technologies in common use. The battery demonstrates more than 95% efficiency and a life span of more than 5000 cycles.

Nanotechnology for Smart Cities

This article is a part of the project Nanotechnology for Smart Cities as a Tool for Sustainable Development supported within international development cooperation of the Czech Republic.

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