Nanotechnologies for Zambia

Zambia prioritises the development of rural areas, primarily in conjunction with sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment. (Analysis of the needs of the country)

  • Population: 15,972,000
  • Capital: Lusaka
  • Country rating according to OECD/DAC (GNP per capita): ?

How we can help

List of the smart city technologies best suited for Zambia. The full list of Czech smart city technologies is available here.

Water filtration

Water filtration (FN AQUA)

The FN® AQUA suspension with a patented formula contains mineral additives and a large quantity of photoactive titanium dioxide (TiO2) which is chemically identical to a food colouring – titanium white, a substance used extensively in food industry and cosmetics.

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Home water filtration (Clutex Filter)

Home water filtration device capturing microplastics and other inorganic impurities. The filtration efficiency of the Clutex Filter is 96.95% with water containing 0.1% of polymer particles of 2.5 – 132.8 µm.

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Pool nanofilter (ASTRAL POON)

Filter with a nanofiber cartridge for private pools up to 90 m3 ensuring high-quality filtration.

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Energy storage and saving

Energy accumulators (HE3DA)

Accumulators for safe storage of large quantities of energy.

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Nano optiqs (NANOPTIQS)

Micro- and nanostructured optics for conventional light sources and sensors. Micro- and nanostructured optics allows for production of light sources and sensors with extended abilities in directing the light cone, thus significantly improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of energy.

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Industry and waste management

Food industry filtration (RIFTELEN)

The RIFTELEN® N15 membrane is designed for filtration of liquids in the food industry - in plate filters, sleeve filters, and folded “star” cartridges of various sizes and shapes. The RIFTELEN® N15 membrane currently offers various degrees of filtration capturing particles from 5 μm to 50 μm.

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Consumption and emissions

Lowering fuel consumption (Envirox)

Nano additive to reduce diesel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Containing cerium oxide as a catalyst, Envirox™ reduces diesel consumption by 5-9%, and thus also greenhouse gas emissions and the share of harmful substances in emissions. Envirox™ helps to “burn” sediments inside the combustion engine cylinder - and cleaner engine becomes more efficient. 

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Help during pandemic

Czech nanotechnology companies produce face masks, half masks, respirators and filters with nanofibre membrane. These products are extremely efficient in catching particles with size between 80 to 200 nm. That is an average size of virus.

Protective face masks with nano filters.

Protective respirators with nano filters.


Nano filters for face masks specifically developed against coronaviruses.

Nano respirators

Protective respirators with nano filters.

Nano masks

Protective half masks with nano filters.

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Nanotechnology for Smart Cities

This article is a part of the project Nanotechnology for Smart Cities as a Tool for Sustainable Development supported within international development cooperation of the Czech Republic.

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