Press release: Who Is Going to Protect Our Health and Give Us Back Our Freedom?

Author: ANP ČR


We are tired and exhausted by the current situation, all the different measures and restrictions of individual liberties and rights. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, we see politicians, helpless, playing for time and clinging solely to vaccination as a miracle of sorts that will remedy all the problems for them.

We all understand that measures must be taken and that we must protect ourselves and those dear to us from the fast-spreading infection. However, we can already say for sure that the four pillars of prevention – sanitation, education, vaccination, and rodent control – as stipulated by the Act No. 258 Coll., on Public Health, have clearly been failing. And the worse they fail, the stricter the measures adopted and the greater the detrimental impact on our healthcare personnel as well as the entire society.

You cannot win the battle against microorganisms without effective prevention!     

The only solution to the pandemic spreading of harmful viral strains in the future is to give room to mass deployment of state-of-the-art technologies that are highly efficient in preventing contagion. Unfortunately, the current law does not recognise any such technologies. The way out of the crisis leads through legislative stipulation of technology solutions as a single concept constituting the structural pillar of public health protection.      

Let us use the technology to fight for us instead of living in a prison cell!

If we deploy the technologies as illustrated by the chart, the reproduction number drops rapidly and addition of every new technology and modern technical measure improves our safety up to the level where no restrictive measures are necessary.

The Integrated Prevention System (IPS) helps prevent pandemics effectively.

Zdroj: FN-NANO s.r.o.

Let us defend ourselves!

When we put the system in effect, we will have no need to close schools, restaurants, culture, or restrict any business activities. With IPS, we can live freely!

As an example, let us compare the damage amounting to trillions with the current version of virus protection against the qualified estimate of the direct cost needed to provide for uninterrupted education process – approximately CZK 2,5000 plus administrative expenses per pupil/student.

In order to provide for uninterrupted and safe operation of schools, the above amount for deployment of the Integrated Prevention System (ISP) as proposed by the Nanotechnology Industries Association would cover the following:

  • application of smart photocatalytic antibacterial coatingthe surface of which captures viruses and allows the light energy to kill them instantly (including the activation light source system) – the photocatalytic coating also eliminates vapours from disinfectants
  • treatment of contact surfaces with antibacterial silver having sanitation properties
  • 10 reusable nano face masks (sanitated) for every pupil
  • a UVC lamp continuously eliminating viruses and bacteria from air at the time of risk exposure, also activating the coating on the walls
  • a photocatalytic air purifier and air quality sensors for every classroom
  • another IPS component as needed (nano filtration, etc.)

Less than 5 billion in direct costs will be enough to provide for safe and uninterrupted education process. A similar solution can be deployed for other government institutions, the healthcare system, public transport, banks, industry, the army… so that no one is restricted in performing their social functions and creating values.

Only if we deploy modern technologies, we can defend ourselves successfully against future epidemies that are inevitable in the period of genetic engineering.

 “We produce the coating, other Czech companies make the lights, nano face masks or nano filters. All of that combined is unique and we have that at our disposal. All that we need nowadays, we have it at home, developed, field tested, patented, certified… and in a very short time, we can accommodate all the demand,” says Jan Procházka, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association.

The technology of the 21st century will help us prevent future pandemics. And prevention always comes cheaper than mitigation of damage and long-term health impacts. 

Let us follow the example of the businesses that invested considerable amounts of money to protect their clients and employees. Within their premises, they adopted preventive measures against contagion, making use of state-of-the-art technologies. Such businesses include UKO boarding house in Bedřichov, ASTRA hotel in Srby near Kladno, Gemini eye clinic in Zlín, HAMR sports facilities and a lot more.   

Let us protect our health and the health of our children by deploying state-of-the-art technology, not by locking ourselves at home irrespective of whether the law allows for that or not.

So that we can get together again without having to worry.

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