Quality Innovation Award Goes to NANO MEDICAL for Nanofiber Wound Dressings

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On Thursday, 14 January, the Czech Society for Quality awarded organisations and individuals for whom quality is a mission. Marcela Munzarová of Nano Medical in Liberec took 2nd place in the national round of the INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION AWARD in the category of small and medium enterprises – for a medical innovation: Nanofiber Wound Dressings.

Since May of last year, Nano Medical has been producing a special efficient filter for AntiMicrobe Web R face masks. According to the certificate issued by the renowned Nelson Labs, the filter captures more than 99.9% of viruses, including the coronavirus.

ChitoFib Patch – the healing cobweb

The above production technology is also key for the award-winning product by Nano Medical to be launched on the market next March. The medical patch for wounds registered under the commercial name ChitoFib Patch contains a pad with a nanofiber layer of chitosan. The nanofibers of gelling polymers bring treatment of wounds to a new, higher level and most of all, they intensify and speed up the healing process. In addition to that, the nanofiber structure effectively prevents microorganisms from penetrating through the damaged skin barrier in open wounds.

The Quality Innovation Award was received online by Ing. Marcela Munzarová, a co-author of tens of patents and utility models. She participated in tens of projects and solutions, e.g. Biocompatible Nanofiber Constructs For New Medical Forms, Bioinspirative Nanocomposite Structures for Restoration of Bone Tissue, Nanomaterials for Biomedicine of Second Generation or Applied Research of New Generation of Protective Masks With Nano Filters.

The author of the unique and effective AntiMicrobe Web R material, the boss and technologist of Nano Medical, Ing. Marcela Munzarová (51), has graduated from the Technical University in Liberec – the birthplace of Czech nanotechnology.

“The success of our innovative applications made me really happy,” M. Munzarová commented during the live ceremony. “Within three years, they will be available to people and they will improve the quality of their lives. The presence of nanotechnology and nanoproducts in our lives will intensify in the near future – and our products of Nano Medical will be present in the most positive way. The paths to new solutions are never easy for pioneers and based on my own experience, I can assure you that the approval processes, especially for medical products, are often more complicated than the development itself. We will bring our medical patches with the nanofiber layer to the market in 2021. In the spring of 2022, they should be available to people of the Czech and Slovak Republics through pharmacies,” the author promises.

In addition to patches and plasters, Nano Medical aspires to extend the range of applications to cosmetics, food industry, and industrial filtration in the near future.

“My life with nanotechnology brings me the opportunity to create new materials and products, to participate in developing strategies, and to meet clever and inspirative people. It requires a lot of energy and a high level of commitment. But after all, it was my choice,” says M. Munzarová – the Nano Lady – with a smile. Yes, the Nano Lady, such is the nickname given to Marcela Munzarová by her Czech and foreign colleagues.

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