Nano Medical will produce Akutol, a healing nanopatch that accelerates healing

Author: Jiří Kůs


Marcela Munzarová is a member of many research teams and co-author of dozens of patents and utility models. In 2020, she launched the production of AntiMicrobe Web R, a filtering nanomaterial for nanorods and nanorespirators with more than 99.9% virus capture, at Nano Medical About 200,000 square metres of this material is now produced here per month, which represents the production of six million nano face masks and nano respirators. However, its original intention was to produce nanopatches and wound covers for the medical sector. The impending pandemic turned everything upside down and Marcela Munzarova shelved her original idea for patches and started producing much needed nanofilters for face masks and respirators. 

Ing. Marcela Munzarová, pioneer of industrial production of nanomembranes in the Czech Republic

Now, after two years, she has returned to her original project - the production of medical nanopatches and wound covers. Before that, she received an international Quality Innovation Award for he solution last year. "The structure of these nanopatches is similar to that of human tissue. When an injury occurs, the patch acts as a scaffold. New cells ideally multiply in it and climb on it better, so they cover the wound faster. This speeds up and improves the healing effect and prevents infections from entering the wound," explains Marcela Munzarová, explaining the advantages of the products that customers will soon be able to try out for themselves. 

The nanopatches were originally scheduled to be on the market in the spring, but the production of the first batches was delayed by several months for technical reasons. "I believe that by the summer months, the Akutol medical patch and the cosmetic ChitoFib Patch will be available in our pharmacies," he plans. Akutol is a brand of medical devices for "skinned knees", while ChitoFib Patch is for cosmetic purposes - to regenerate and treat tired skin on the face, neck and décolleté. "The topic of wound healing has been a big challenge for me for a long time," says Marcela Munzarová. "Modern wound cover materials offer advantages over traditional 'dry' gauze covers in the form of a moist environment that is more suitable for cell proliferation. However, nanostructures made of biodegradable materials provide even better results in terms of quality; it is another, higher level of wound care," she elaborates on her answer. "Using nanostructure for wound coverage is not my idea. My idea was what to make it out of and how to make it," smiles innovator Munzarová.

Munzarova also tested whether this nanotechnological innovation will be of interest at the just-ending foreign health fair in Dubai, which began on Monday 24 January (and ends today, Thursday). "This year's fair was about transforming healthcare into a world of modern technology, with 3,500 exhibitors from 60 countries taking part. Ten exhibitors participated for the Czech Republic. And it was very evident that the old, classical times have really come to an end," said Munzarová.

Source: Nano Medical Press Release - January 27, 2022

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