By brushstroke, we turn the facades in Milan into a gigantic air purifier

Author: Jiří Kůs


Can buildings clean the air in a city? Yes, building facades can become giant air purifiers. This is not science fiction, but a scientific breakthrough. By applying photocatalytic coatings, the problem of polluted cities can be immediately addressed. Using daylight, the surface of the facade is activated, which then destroys smog, traffic emissions, or even ground-level ozone.

Akce The Milano Smart event organized by 2G NanoTech with the Italian Association of Chemical Commerce (AssICC) demonstrated how new technologies can be used to improve the environment. FN NANO , in cooperation with the Italian company Indam demonstrated air purification under real conditions. Measurements were taken on a model of Milan's city center with facades treated with the innovative FN NANO® technology. Instruments from both organizations showed a typical 60% reduction in harmful substance concentrations in the air.

Milano city reactor
Milano smart NOx graph

The event took place at Palazzo Castiglioni, the headquarters of Confcommercio Milano (Chamber of Commerce). Among others, Marco Coldani - President of the Spanish and Portuguese Photocatalytic Association(AIF), and Jan Prochazka - President of the Czech Society for Applied Photocatalysis and inventor of the FN NANO® technology, spoke at the event. The event was also supported by the Czech Consulate, and a lecture by Jiří Kuděla, the Consul General, was given on Czech nanotechnology.

Anyone can "take a brush" and start cleaning the air. We have already started. We're not just talking - we're helping..

You can learn more in Italian media.


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