Nano Medical Has Received an International Innovation Award

Author: ANP ČR


The Czech Society for Quality awarded Nano Medical s.r.o. (runner up) for the innovative product Nanofiber Wound Dressings in the category of Small and Medium Enterprises. Use of nanofibers made of gelling polymers to heal wounds brings a new, higher level of wound treatment. The innovation is also expected to speed up the healing of wounds and to reduce the cost of the entire process.

Doporučujeme české výrobce nanovlákenných ochranných pomůcek

Recommended: Czech Producers of Nanofiber Protective Equipment

We present to you our list of producers and suppliers of nanofiber filtration membrane products protecting the respiratory system. All of them are members of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association. The list includes producers and suppliers of nano face masks, nano respirators, nano filters for textile masks featuring a pocket, as well as antivirus scarfs and neck gaiters with a nanofiber filter.

Tisková zpráva: Kdo ochrání naše zdraví a zajistí zase naší svobodu?

Press release: Who Is Going to Protect Our Health and Give Us Back Our Freedom?

We are tired and exhausted by the current situation, all the different measures and restrictions of individual liberties and rights. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, we see politicians, helpless, playing for time and clinging solely to vaccination as a miracle of sorts that will remedy all the problems for them.

Výroba nanorespirátorů ve Spuru reaguje na současnou poptávku

Spur’s Production of Nano Respirators as a Response to the Current Demand

SPUR a.s. of Zlín has recently seen growing demand for the SPURTEX® nano respirators. The company supplies customers in the Czech and Slovak Republics, but also in Germany and the United Kingdom. The current stock holds about 1 million FFP2 respirators. At the beginning of January, the company commissioned the seventh production line making nano protective equipment.

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